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Sixth “Coach Mack’s Corner” Opens in Louisville
Posted By:  Suzanne Warden
Friday, October 22, 2021


The Mack Family Foundation also provided more than 600 age-appropriate books, children’s magazines, new colorful and comfortable seating areas and lots of University of Louisville basketball-themed wall graphics and signage. The completely renovated space within Byck Elementary’s library is now stocked with extensive printed reading materials and is a cozy, year-round oasis for reading or quiet study.  

Mack took some additional time to meet, chat with, and then read aloud to a gathered group of students.  The book he read, “The Giving Tree,” has become a tradition of sorts for Coach Mack, given its storyline.  A Q&A session with the students followed, bringing out some great topics on books and Chris’s personal reading habits and volume.  Questions then followed from other guests and media, addressing the Mack Foundation’s ongoing focus areas.  


When asked what impact he hopes to make, he responded, "To develop a love of reading in elementary school kids.  It’s something I remember having as a little kid."   

Byck Elementary’s 400-strong student body will enjoy their “Coach Mack’s Corner” and the reading materials within it year-round, for years to come. Now that the resources and perfect space are readily accessible, certainly the readers among them will now be able to develop and nurture a love of reading, and all the value that knowledge through books can bring. 


Coach Chris Mack on focus and impact: “The Mack Family Foundation remains committed to providing food security, educational opportunities and increasing literacy for inner-city elementary students. Even through the Pandemic, in 2020-2021 alone, we directly impacted more nearly 6,500 Louisville-area elementary students.   Our programs are made possible because of our incredible donors and passionate sponsors, for whom I am ever grateful.”              

Coach Mack’s Corner Program in Louisville*  

Louisville Schools Impacted to-date
Byck Elementary 
Crums Lane Elementary
Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary
Whitney M. Young Elementary
Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts School
Frayser Elementary School  

*Potential of 10 more corners in Jefferson County Schools in next 12 months  

Cincinnati Metro/NKY Schools Impacted

Mary A. Goetz Elementary
Pleasant Hill Academy
Rockdale Academy Elementary
North College Hill Elementary
Ethel M. Taylor Elementary


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